The Pre-Event Chatter

It was a good drive down to the West Valley City, UT area to attend a Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Event. Attendance was 141 players and it was looking like a good competitive start to the day. Making my way around I was able to pick up on some of the buzz that was going around among the players about what to expect and how the day is going to go. So far here’s what I’ve picked up for the day:

  • About a third of the decks today will be Six Samurai.
  • Another third will be Blackwings.
  • The rest of the field will be Lightsworn, Anti-Meta, or other random decks people are trying out before the format change.
  • There are 2 boxes of Duel Terminal cards in the Duel Terminal machines, and people are pumping in money to try to get the two Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

So it’s looking like an interesting day. I’ve got to choose 2-3 players for our duelist battle grid, figure out how I’m going to do feature matches since there is no room for me to set up anything, (I’ll probably at least do one match on a Top 8 playoff) and determine when is the best time to take a crack at that Trishula. Good luck to all the players today and lets hope for the best!



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