The Writers

The Writers of the MetaGame Report are people who love the game and are dedicated to bring the players the latest news in the Meta Season. Here’s a little bit about them and what they’re all about.

Robbie Robbie “The Master” Kohl
Robbie “The Master” Kohl has been around with the TCGs for a while now. He comes from the Midwest Region, specializes in Yu-Gi-Oh! Meta and keeps a very active YouTube Channel with over 2,000,000 video views, 500,000+ channel views and 10,000+ Subscribers. He’s also a moderator over the Yu-Gi-Oh! Forums at as well as our own forums. Robbie also got a Top 16 placement at the 2008 Shonen Jump Championship in Detroit, MI and just recently earned a Top 4 placement at the 2011 Indianapolis Regionals. We are happy to have him as one of our Yu-Gi-Oh! specialists and as an authority writer here at!

MystikXEarl “MystikX” Allen
Earl “MystikX” Allen learned about Yu-Gi-Oh! from an ad for the anime when it was to premiere, and was quickly hooked. He’s played the game since the beginning, and eventually found numerous communities on the Internet devoted to the game, including Pojo, Janime, and DMComet. He was once a writer for a now-dead website called MasterDuelist, bringing news about the OCG and upcoming cards for the TCG, with a few odds and ends thrown in on the side. Now, he finds his home right here on The MetaGame Report, and he’s ready to bring you all the twisted strategies and ideas that only an expert gamer from the East Coast can provide.

Kenny HughesKenny Hughes
Kenny Hughes was playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG since the beginning. It wasn’t till 2006 when he realized there was competitive tournaments and quickly jumped in. After no success with the Meta Decks, he kept at the game and clinched his first Regional Top 8 in 2007. Kenny has nine Top 8 Regional Placements under his belt, including a Top 24 at the 2008 Columbus, OH Shonen Jump Championship, and national invites from 2009, 2010, and already 2011. He specializes in deck building and strategies. Bringing about five years of organized play experience from the southeast area, Kenny is ready to bring you the best Meta Season ideas and deck analyzed reports and is excited to be one of the few authority MetaGame Reporters!

Josh ThomasJosh Thomas
Originating in the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, Josh Thomas switched to Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2003, and hasn’t looked back since. Coming from the midwest, he slowly built up his skills over the course of 2 years before switching to competitive play in 2005. Over the course of 6 years, Josh has achieved several regional top 4 finishes, and received National Championship invitations for 2005, 2009, and 2010. In 2009, Thomas received a deck profile at Shonen Jump Championship Columbus with his innovative Moja decklist, finishing at a respectable record of 7-3. In 2010, Josh turned his attention to judging events, and has worked at SJC Nashville, YCS Chicago, the 2010 World Championship Qualifier, and YCS Indy as event staff. Throughout the years, Josh Thomas has written several articles for under the alias “PDtamer03” and now is more than happy to call home!


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