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On July 25, 2011, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Articles, by Earl Allen

This summer is proving to be very eventful when it comes to news about new releases. Some of my previous articles talked about the first wave of the 2011 Collector’s Tins, TCG Exclusives in Generation Force, and the massive Legendary Collection 2. This article will expand more on some of these new products to look out for.

First off, the 2 Promos for the Generation Force Special Edition have been revealed to be Elemental HERO Absolute Zero and Spore. Both of these cards are powerful cards that are seeing play today, and it even gives those on the other side of the Atlantic a legal copy of Absolute Zero!

Speaking of Generation Force, two more TCG-Exclusives have come forward: Sea Lancer and Piercing Moray. Sea Lancer was already known due to Konami’s product page, but his effect was hard to read. Until now that is. Being a Level 5 WATER Beast-Warrior-type with 1300 ATK and 1000 DEF, it doesn’t seem like much, but the effect can make him extremely powerful. Once, while he’s face-up, you can target any of your banished Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-types and equip them to him like Equip Cards. As long as he has at least one card equipped to him by this effect, he gains 1000 ATK, and you can destroy an equipped card to save him! Piercing Moray is a Level 4 WATER Fish-type with 1500 ATK and 1000 DEF that can Tribute a Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-type once per turn to get an extra 600 ATK. And that boost is permanent, so if you’re opponent doesn’t get rid of it fast, you can pump him up each turn with Treeborn Frog! But that’s not all he does. Just looking at his name can tell you what it is that he can do: Piercing damage.

In addition to these two, the latest issue of Shonen Jump let loose all of the OCG additions to the set: 9 HERO cards and Steelswarm Roach. The latter is a Rank 4 DARK Fiend-type Xyz monster with 1900 ATK and 0 DEF that can negate the Special Summon of a Level 5 or higher monster by detaching an Xyz Material. This card is very powerful and is getting a lot of hype.

The other 9 cards are all HERO related. The first is Elemental HERO Flash, a Level 4 LIGHT Warrior-type with 1100 ATK and 1600 DEF that can retrieve a Normal Spell Card from your Graveyard, but only by banishing it and 3 other Elemental HEROs in your Graveyard when he’s destroyed in battle. A bit of a hefty price, but it could be worth it getting that Monster Reborn or Dark Hole back. Plus, it gives you more food for The Shining. Next up is Vision HERO Trinity, a Level 8 DARK Warrior-type Fusion Monster with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF. His materials are any 3 HERO monsters, and his ATK doubles the turn he’s Fusion Summoned! He can also attack three times per turn, but can’t attack your opponent directly. An unfortunate drawback to an otherwise powerful card. Next is Phantom Magician, a Level 3 DARK Spellcaster-type monster with 600 ATK and 700 DEF that, when destroyed in battle, summons a HERO with 1000 or less ATK from your Deck in Defense Position. Not a whole lot of Elemental HEROs work with this, but it works splendidly with Destiny HEROs! Elemental HERO Nova Master is next in line, a Level 8 FIRE Warrior-type Fusion Monster with 2600 ATK and 2100 DEF that uses any Elemental HERO and any FIRE monster as materials. Also, whenever he destroys a monster in battle, you get to draw a free card.

Next up we meet the Masked HEROs! Masked HERO Goka is a Level 6 FIRE Warrior-type Fusion Monster with 2200 ATK and 1800 DEF, but it’s not an ordinary Fusion Monster. You use a Spell Card called Mask Change, which is also in the set. From there, for every HERO in the Graveyard, Goka gains 100 ATK. Masked Hero Vapor is a Level 6 WATER Warrior-type Fusion Monster with 2400 ATK and 2000 DEF, and can’t be destroyed by any card effects. We also get the other Vision HERO: Adoration. This Level 8 DARK Warrior-type Fusion Monster has 2800 ATK and 2100 DEF, and needs any two HEROs for material. Then, once per turn, you can target any other HERO you control and any monster your opponent controls. The monster your opponent controls then loses ATK and DEF equal to the ATK of the HERO you chose, until the End Phase. This can be very powerful when used correctly, since you can make a huge dent in your opponent’s Life Points if you choose something like Elemental HERO The Shining or Elemental HERO Great Tornado.

As stated previously, Mask Change is in this set, since it’s required to use the Masked HEROs. This Quick-Play Spell trades in one of your HEROs for a Masked HERO of the same Attribute. Since the only available targets are FIRE and WATER, that leaves very few options. For FIRE, you have Burstinatrix and (Lady) Heat, while WATER has Bubbleman and Ocean (Fusion Monsters not withstanding). Of course, you can always use Absolute Zero for summoning Vapor, effectively wiping out your opponent’s monsters in the process. A Hero Lives is the final HERO card in the set, and can only be used when you have no face-up monsters in play. At the cost of half of your Life Points, you can summon a Level 4 or lower Elemental HERO from your Deck. This might not seem like a useful card in HERO builds, but there’s another deck that uses Elemental HEROs that would like this card: Gladiator Beasts. Or rather, Prisma-builds of said decks. Set Bestiari, play this and get Prisma, fuse for Gyzarus.

Two more Super Rare reprints for the first wave of the 2011 Collector’s Tins have been announced. Joining Gaia in Leviathan Dragon‘s tin is Stygian Street Patrol. Joining Dark Simorgh in Zenmaister‘s tin is Archlord Krystia. I previously mentioned the latter of the two on our Facebook page, but putting it here makes it “official” in case people didn’t see it.

Finally, the second wave tins have been revealed recently. The cards are Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Number 10: Illumiknight, both from the upcoming Photon Shockwave set this fall. Galaxy-Eyes is a Level 8 LIGHT Dragon-type monster with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF (gee, I wonder where I saw that before…) When he attacks a monster, he can banish both it and himself until the end of the Battle Phase, and if you banished an Xyz Monster, you get an extra 500 ATK for each Xyz Material it had! Also, you can Special Summon him from your hand by Tributing 2 monsters with 2000 or more ATK, making him very easy to get out. Illumiknight is a Rank 4 LIGHT Warrior-type Xyz Monster with 2400 ATK and DEF that needs 3 Xyz Materials. By detaching one of them each turn, you can send a card from your hand to the Graveyard to draw a new card. Some decent draw power combined with a decent ATK score makes this a decent monster.

That’s all for this article. There’s still one more card to be revealed in each of the first wave tins, and still 4 more TCG-Exclusive to learn about: Lost Blue Breaker, 2 Spell Cards, and a Trap Card. Until then, this is MystikX, signing out.


Last October, Konami released the Legendary Collection, a binder-like product that gave us another chance to six out-of-print packs, along with all three Egyptian God Cards and the ace monsters of Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey. This October, Konami pulls out all the stops with Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years.

This produce celebrates the Yu-Gi-Oh GX series, and does so with a bang. Instead of reprinting certain packs, Konami made a brand new “mega-pack” that combines everything released in the GX era, from The Lost Millennium to Light of Destruction…and then some.

For starters, we get all three Sacred Beast monsters guaranteed. From there, the extras get much sweeter as the three Darklord YCS Prize Cards are also guaranteed to be in this product. That’s right, Edeh Arai, Asmodeus, and Superbia are now easy to get for all Fairy duelists everywhere.

But wait, there’s more! You’re also guaranteed seven brand new cards to the TCG, all from the GX Manga! Lion Alligator is a Reptile version of Enraged Battle Ox. Cyber Larva can replace itself when destroyed. Spawn Alligator summons a fallen Reptile when summoned. Dragonic Tactics can summon a high level Dragon from your Deck. Court of Justice can summon a Level 1 Fairy from your hand. Elemental HERO Great Tornado can halve an opponent’s ATK when summoned. Parallel World Fusion can use your banished HEROs as Fusion Material.

But wait! There’s MORE! You get 5 “mega-packs” with 9 cards each. This “mega-pack” contains 5 Commons, 1 Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, and 1 Secret Rare. That’s right, you get at least one of each rarity in each pack! Here’s just a sample of what you can get:

~ All HEROs, Elemental, Destiny, or Evil.
~ Alternate Artworks of Elemental HERO Avian, Burstinatrix, and Sparkman, as well as Cyber Dragon and Cyber End Dragon.
~ Common reprints of Thunder King Rai-Oh, Judgment Dragon, Gateway of the Six, Mezuki, Elemental HERO Stratos, and D.D. Survivor.
~ Instant Fusion, Future Fusion, Hydrogeddon, Macro Cosmos, D.D. Crow, and Dimension Prison getting foil reprints.
~ Secret Rare reprints of Necro Gardna, Super Polymerization, Destiny Draw, Dimensional Fissure, Phantom of Chaos, and Banisher of the Radiance.
~ All Gladiator Beast monsters, including the brand-new Gladiator Beast Lanista.
~ Reprints of Darklord Desire, Light End Dragon, Dark End Dragon, and Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes.
~ Reprints of the original Six Samurais, including the Grandmaster and Great Shogun Shien.
~ Gallis the Star Beast and Darkness Destroyer, cards originally not legal in North America!

With all 13 guaranteed cards and 5 packs of 9 cards each, that’s a whopping 58 cards per product! And it’s a binder to boot! This massive product hits store shelves on October 4th for $30 a pop, so start saving up! I know I will! This is MystikX, signing out.


Scraps – Time to Make them Better

On July 8, 2011, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Articles, by Retired MetaGame Writer

Since the release of Reborn Tengu, I’ve seen quite a few people trying Scraps out. But most of their builds are, in my opinion, below the highest level of playability. Firstly, these players often play more than 14 monsters. I find that 13 or less is ideal due to your plethora of search and draw cards. Next, they often don’t play Duality and Scrapyard in 3. Both of these are extremely necessary. They increase consistency by a vast amount. In fact, you can get Scrap Beast and Scrapstorm in your opening hand nearly every game. And if you don’t, you can fall back to plays with Summoner Monk or Reborn Tengu. Plus, a lack of a few key Continuous Traps can make your deck quite a bit worse.

Here’s my build:


13 Monsters

3 Reborn Tengu

3 Scrap Chimera

3 Scrap Beast

2 Breaker the Magical Warrior

1 Scrap Goblin

1 Summoner Monk


15 Spells

3 Scrapstorm

3 Scrapyard

3 Pot of Duality

2 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Mind Control

1 Giant Trunade

1 Monster Reborn

1 Dark Hole


12 Traps

3 Fiendish Chain

2 Dust Tornado

2 Solemn Warning

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Royal Oppression


15 Extra

3 Scrap Dragon

2 Stardust Dragon

1 Scrap Archfiend

1 Thought Ruler Archfiend

1 Dark End Dragon

1 Red Dragon Archfiend

1  Black Rose Dragon

1 Arcanite Magician

1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1 Scrap Twin Dragon

1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1 Ally of Justice Catastor


Some of the key card choices:

Lack of Scrap Orthros: It clogs and you don’t really need to loop Scrap Chimera enough to warrant Orthros. Destroying Beasts works well enough

Scrap Goblin: Not only can you destroy it with Dragon to get Chimera back, it’s a defensive wall. When your opponent has swarmed and you draw into a Scrapyard, you can protect yourself.

Breaker the Magical Warrior: Warning really hurts if the opponent is smart enough to play it on Chimera. Breaker gets rid of them. It’s not a guessing game, an opponent usually uses Warning on Breaker. Plus, it provides access to Arcanite Magician and Dark End Dragon.

Fiendish Chain: In many cases, it can act as a Solemn Warning without a cost, except it leaves the monster on the field. But what is an opponent going to do with a Debris Dragon or a Kageki that’s sitting there alone? And once they end their turn, you can use the Fiendish Chain as fodder for your own Scrap Dragon to destroy one of the opponent’s more important cards.

Royal Oppression: Although it may seem contradictory to the deck’s theme, Royal Oppression can be a great lockdown card. Once you’ve already Summoned Scrap Dragon, flipping up Oppression in your opponent’s turn can be deadly. Then, if you want to make big plays again, get rid of it with Scrap Dragon.

Altogether, this is an amazing deck that has been consistently winning for me. Give it a try some time.