Become a Writer

Think that you have what it takes to become a MetaGame Reporter? Want to make your name heard as an expert among the other authoritative writers in the Trading Card Game community? We’ll give you a shot at it, as long as you’re willing to prove it! We are always looking for writers who will bring a new edge to the gaming community as well as to our reporting site.

Want to apply? Send a cover letter explaining why you want to become a MetaGame Reporter and why you’d make a positive contribution to the site. Also send in a sample of your latest piece of Yu-Gi-Oh! Meta writing. (We will expand into other games in the near future) This could be an article you posted on a forum, blog, email, or just have it laying around. Remember to keep it clean and professional, we want to upload a high standard to the community and we expect the same from our writers.

Also, these writing positions are all like a “Non-Paid Internship” right now. This means you’re volunteering your own time and resources for these articles. You will be expected to meet deadlines and write in a professional manner, don’t treat this like your personal blog site. Please note that this probably wont get your internship credits for school, even though we are an established business entity. However, if you think it’s something that you can work out for extra credit in your English Class or something else, let us know and we’ll try to work it out.

Send your cover letter and sample article to with the subject header “Application for Reporter”. Remember, all applicants and subject to approval, and may require interviews via Instant Messenger or over the phone.


We are now looking for people to start writing about the MTG Trading Card Game. We still have a few spots open, and we would like to extend this invitation out to the public players, especially for those who would like to start writing about MTG cards, strategies, deck ideas, and upcoming product reviews. Please follow the instructions above on how to apply to become a reporter for MTG and the MetaGame Report. Of course send us a sample of your MTG writing instead of Yu-Gi-Oh!


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