Konami revealed two more TCG-Exclusives for Generation Force, due for release next month. The first is Xyz Veil, a Continuous Trap that protects all Xyz Monsters on the field from being targeted by effects, as long as they have an Xyz Material attached to them. This can be kinda useful, but if the generic Synchro support is anything to go by, I don’t really see this card being used outside the Draft tournements at the pre-release (which is August 6th/7th by the way). Also, this is the Preview Promo for attending the event.

The other card revealed is Pain Painter, a Level 2 DARK Zombie-type Tuner with 400 ATK and 200 DEF. Gee, that looks just like our friend Plaguespreader Zombie, doesn’t it? Well, it makes sense because Pain Painter is treated as Plaguespreader while face-up. But that’s not all, because once per turn, you can target up to 2 of your other Zombies and make their Levels become 2 until the End Phase. However, if you plan to Synchro Summon with those 2 monsters, you need to summon a Zombie-type Synchro Monster: Revived King Ha Des, Doomkaiser Dragon, or Archfiend Zombie-Skull. This makes the latter of those three useable now.

Both cards are useful in their own right, although looking at Pain Painter now, I have a feeling that, come September, the original Plaguespreader Zombie will be Forbidden in the Advanced Format. The reason for this feeling will be explained in my next article. Until then, this is MystikX, signing out.


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