The MetaGame Report Yu-Gi-Oh! Price Guide

On May 13, 2011, in Announcements, by Brandon Urednick

List Updated 9pm PDT on May 20th, 2011

We’ve examined other’s price guides that are out there. Yes some are resourceful and others are not. Some to broad and others don’t count in all the factors. It would be nice to know what’s happened to the values since they’ve been last checked and what’s the future got in hold. We see it like the stock market, it’s your investment and value in your cards and you need to know what it’s worth! So we’ve hit the books, and made our own price guide.

What makes ours so good? Well, for one, we will update our guide on Friday nights, the night before the Saturday regional and your big local tournaments! No need to wait till Sunday or for you to waste your time looking around for price point. Two, we do our price list by hand! Yeah, we could script a database to scan eBay and then average it all out…problem; there are a lot of anomalies out there: descriptions aren’t accurate, sometimes the card sells for $10 more once or worse, sells for a dollar once! Simply put, it will throw off everything and you’ll get an inaccurate price, not cool when you’re trading or trying to cash in on a vendor! Lastly, we do some trending math and we’re able to project the future possible trend values for the cards. Mind you, these are just predictions and not promises of what’s going to happen, but it will give you an idea on where things are heading.

The price guide will improve and expand as time goes on. For now, we’re just looking at the Top 25 cards in the game based on price and popularity. We’re also tracking the Top 10 cards of the latest card set so we can help familiarize everyone on the price values of the newer packs. If you have a card you believe that should be listed email us at


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