What STOR Had in Store for Me

On February 5, 2011, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Articles, Yu-Gi-Oh! Events, by Earl Allen

Horrible puns aside, the Sneak Preview for Storm of Ragnarok proved one thing to me: I have horrible, horrible luck when it comes to pulls. I went with four friends, and here’s all the holos we ended up pulling.

By Odin's ghost!

Me: Forbidden Lance
Friend 1: Ghost Rare Odin, The Golden Apples
Friend 2: Vortex the Whirlwind, Glepnir the Fetters of Fenrir
Friend 3: Scrap Breaker
Friend 4: The Golden Apples, Ulti Shi En, Watthydra

I even went and traded the Lance I got for an Ice Edge to trade to Friend 1. Who ended up trading the thing back to the person I got it from five minutes later. Friend 4 gave me the Watthydra since another one of my friends is building Watts, so that’s good. Everything else was either traded away or sold.

Ginga Senpuu Braiger!

I wouldn’t let the stroke of bad luck stop me. I ended up buying some Yusei 3 Duelist Packs, and pulled Veiler, Draco, and TWO copies of Bri Synchron!

I managed to get all the Commons I wanted from the set, and the only other things I need are Basses and Drumss, so if anyone has them, hit me up on Pojo.com and we can work something out. Oh, and as we all left, I literally ate an Hourglass of Courage that was left behind on a table.

All in all, my final thoughts on this set is this: Unless you’re looking for Six Samurais and Nordics, this set is better off skipped. If there’s something in the set you need, you’re better off buying the singles instead of hunting for it in packs. Remember, STOR hits store shelves on February 8th, this Tuesday, making all of these cards legal for YCS Dallas next weekend. Until then, this is MystikX, signing out.


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