August is just around the corner, leaving just one month left in the format. It’s been a rather interesting format this time where no one deck has been dominating throughout these last five months:

YCS Anahiem – LIGHT Gemini Beat
YCS Orlando – Zombie
YCS Providence – Tengu Synchro
NA WCQ – Tech Genus
SA WCQ – Machina Gadget
CA WCQ – Tengu Synchro

While Tengu Synchro took two of these six events, it also shows that other decks are now fighting for top deck. That said, when September 2011 comes around, it’ll be interesting to see what Konami has in store for us with the Forbidden/Limited List. As such, here are my predictions on what will happen:

Plaguespreader Zombie: Remember how I said that there are Xyz shenanigans with this card? Well, rulings state that if he’s used as Xyz Material, detaching him sends him to the Graveyard, despite what his effect says about banishing him. Therefore, you can loop into numerous Rank 2 Xyz Monsters with him and Quillbolt Hedgehog, provided you have the hand to do it. Hell, there’s an OTK that involves this very combo! But by banning Plaguespreader, that leaves three Synchros unplayable, right? Wrong. Pain Painter was made for a reason, and this may very well be that reason.

Tsukuyomi: I’ve always been a steadfast believer that this card will come off the list some day, and while there ARE arguments on why it should stay on the list, said arguments don’t hold as much water as they did back in 2006. Aside from that, it helps out in a lot of areas, such as keeping Frognarch decks in check by giving an easy out to getting rid of Monarchs. It also helps the upcoming Wind-Up Archetype, albiet slighty.
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: This one is a no-brainer. It’s Limited in Japan, and Unlimited everywhere else. Of course, the limit might take place when Worlds occurs, but I’m putting it here just for the off chance that it isn’t.
Formula Synchron: One of two problematic Synchros that is currently defining the game. Can’t really say much else.
T.G. Hyper Librarian: The other of two problematic Synchros. Anyone who disagrees with me on this one obviously doesn’t play the game.
Ultimate Offering: Gadget Xyz is big in Japan right now, and this is the engine that let’s you get four Rank 4 Xyz in a single turn. Might as well nip this one in the bud before it gets too out of control.
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning: I’m only listing this card to humor the ones who are steadfast about his reprint in Gold Series 4: Pyramid Edition is an omen to his return. Realistically, though, he’s not as powerful as he once was.
Treeborn Frog: Taking him off the list completely was an absolute mistake. Put him back on.

Reborn Tengu: This card suffers from what I call “Malicious Syndrome”, in that it’s too powerful at three, and having it at one defeats the purpose of the card. Thus, having it at two is the only option left. Now I know people are saying “It’s a TCG-Exclusive! It’ll never hit the list until Japan gets it!” Well, Allure of Darkness hit the list before it hit Japan, so the same can apply here.
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner: Lightsworn hasn’t been all that powerful recently, so something like this could give them a little extra kick, IMO.
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier: There’s a one-card OTK in Japan right now that utilizes Future Fusion that involves looping it endlessly with Elemental HEROs and this card. This card is looped by itself with the help of an Equip Spell called Symbol of Heritage, which only revives one monster if all three are in the Graveyard. Put this card to two and the OTK exists no more.
Marshmallon: If Spirit Reaper was able to sneak his way off in March, then this guy should have no problem in September.

Bottomless Trap Hole: Hasn’t been seeing a lot of play recently, and with a new card in Photon Shockwave locking down “Trap Hole” Traps altogether…well, you see my point.
Mystical Space Typhoon: Do it. Just do it, Konami, and get it over with. You know you want to!
Megamorph: This card has a case of what I call “V-Lord Syndrome”, where a card is Limited at first, then get Semi-Limited, then finally Unlimited in a weening fashion, just like Vampire Lord, who started the trend (later followed by Jinzo and Breaker, among others).

Do make note that all of these choices are mine and mine alone and are in no way affiliated with any other writer here at The MetaGame Report. If you feel that I missed something, or have a problem with some of my choices, feel free to let me know on our FaceBook page. Until then, this is MystikX, signing out.


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