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Want to associate your name with The MetaGame Report? Don’t have a huge marketing account to blow every last cent you own? Well you’re in luck! It turns out running the best gaming reporting site isn’t free for us either, there are expenses we need to cover. (Pop, snacks, TV, oh yeah…and the web server!) We offer nice advertising rates on our site that wont drain your budget and leave you penny-less.

Here’s the cool thing, you don’t have to own a business to advertise with us! Got a team with an online blog site and want to bring some attention to yourselves? (Or to your team trade binder… ) Our rates are affordable enough so even teammates can pitch in a few bucks and help get your name around!

But wait! You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have a advertisement to give you.” If you don’t have one, we’ll help you make one! We have modern design suites that will help captivate what you’re looking for, and we do it for pretty cheap too! We’ll even help you with marketing strategies and work with you on the best method of advertising with us to maximize your outcome.

Now that we’ve got you hooked, you’re probably wondering how to get a hold of us. It’s as easy as an email.! Ask any question, and we’ll answer it! Just don’t ask us to dance around in a chicken costume and post it on YouTube, we’ll just ignore you.

Remember, we offer various ad sizes, anywhere from a mini-button to a skyscraper! We also can manipulate how many impressions or clicks your ads will get per day, so you don’t go through your budget in 24-hours. Also, we can place your ad anywhere “reasonable” on our website, as long as it’s not taken up by someone else.

We look forward to working with you in the future to meet your advertising needs!


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