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Metagame-Online.com and the MetaGame Report were founded for the sole purpose of bring the latest MetaGame data and news to the players and the fans. Our goal and mission is to bring as much news to you as possible! Right now our main focus is the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG but we hope to move to the other TCG games as well in the future. We also have future plans to send live reporters to the major premier events such as the YCS series, Nationals, and Worlds and keep the players informed of whats going on in the tournament realm. Right now our page can translate into 55+ Different languages making us one of the most worldwide compatible websites around! We strive to be the best in this area and consider ourselves to be authority writers in the field and masters of the game in nearly every aspect. Our writers are committed in bringing you the best you’ve ever had, and will keep you coming back for more!


Typos: Ok, you caught us! We’re not perfect nor claiming to be perfect. Typos do happen, we all know the spell checker can’t get everything right, including the grammar. So if you find something, congrats! Have a laugh if you’d like, then send us an email at metagame-report@metagame-online.com with the title “Typos” and let us know where we messed up. We’ll fix it ASAP!

Corrections: If the rare occurrence should happen and we misrepresented some information or misquoted someone, we want to correct these with our sincerest apologies. Please let us know where and what we did wrong and provide sources to us so we can reference our error and fix it. Email us at metagame-report@metagame-online.com with the title “Corrections” and give the necessary info that we need to fix it.

Website Errors: Yikes! Something doesn’t work on our site?!? Ok, follow these steps to make sure you’ve eliminated the majority of the basic internet browsing issues. First, refresh the page, then if that doesn’t work, clear our your browser history and cache; sometimes the browser could be trying to pull information on some old data that no longer exists. Second, check to see if your browser is blocking cookies or a JavaScript. (This issue is most likely to occur in Internet Explorer when you try to interact with our sidebar items.) Adding us to the ‘trusted sites’ will help resolve some of these issues. Third, make sure you’re using the most recent version of your web browser. Please note that this site is best viewed on either Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. (There have been some noted issues with Internet Explorer not reading the CSS code correctly. If you’re looking for our translation links, or our archive links; try looking at the bottom of the page. Sometimes the ‘sidebar’ doesn’t like being on the side in Internet Explorer.) If steps one, two, and three don’t work, time for step four…emailing us! Send and email to webmaster@metagame-online.com with the title “Website Error” and like always, you can expect a prompt return and our gratitude for helping us stay on top of the issues.


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