The MetaGame Report soon to print!

On March 4, 2012, in Announcements, by Brandon Urednick

Hey our 500+ MetaGame Report fans. We’ve been blurting out stuff on our FaceBook page lately for your news bits. But the BIG reason we’ve been hush for a little bit, is due to the workings of a publication at hand. We’ll keep you updated on more news as it comes!


The MetaGame Report will start reporting on the MTG Trading Card Game soon. We still have a few writing spots to fill for this card game. If you are interested in writing about Magic: The Gathering, go to Become a Writer on our site and apply there.


Fall 2011 Products

On September 8, 2011, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Products, by Earl Allen

While I try to figure out what went wrong with my “V-Lord Syndrome” article, here’s something else to hold you guys over.

Recently, we got the first wave of the 2011 Collector’s Tins, featuring Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and Wind-Up Zenmaister, as well as making a much-desired reprint of Pot of Duality. Well, on November 1st, 2011, the second wave of these tins will be released, featuring Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Number 10: Illumiknight.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is a Level 8 LIGHT Dragon-type monster with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, and is also featured as the Cover Card for Photon Shockwave. You’re able to Special Summon this card from your hand by Tributing 2 monsters with 2000 or more ATK, making this guy easy to get out. Then, when he battles with an opponent’s monster, you can banish both monsters until the end of the Battle Phase. When Galaxy-Eyes returns, he gets an added bonus if your opponent’s monster is an Xyz Monster: Each Xyz Material that was attached to it at the time that it was banished gives him an extra 500 ATK. That not a bad deal. The artwork for it is also simply amazing, so if you’re not planning on getting this card for its effect, get it for its artwork.

Number 10: Illumiknight is a Rank 4 LIGHT Warrior-type Xyz Monster with 2400 ATK and DEF. He requires three Xyz Materials to be summoned, and once per turn can detach one of them to send a card in your hand to the Graveyard and draw a new one. A little extra draw power is always good, and backed up by a strong monster is also good.

Now that we know what the monsters on the tins can do, we need to know what else is in the tins. For starters, we get five packs: two of Storm of Ragnarok, two of Extreme Victory, and one of Generation Force. And like before, there are four Super Rare reprints of out-of-print cards, one of which is in both tins like Pot of Duality was prior. The card in question? Solemn Warning. We also know of one other card in each tin: Galaxy-Eyes has The Tyrant Neptune while Illumiknight has Malefic Stardust Dragon. You can be sure that we’ll keep you up-to-date when the other reprints are announced.

Moving from the Tins, we know of the names of four of the TCG-Exclusives in Photon Shockwave. The first card is Latinum, Exarch of Dark World. All that’s known about this card is that it’s a Monster Card that helps promote the upcoming Structure Deck. We also know of another card that helps the Dark World Archetype: Dark Smog. Judging from its name, it’s either a Spell Card or a Trap Card.

Two other monsters were announced: Photon Sabre Tiger and Alexandrite Dragon. Both monsters are said to help with the summoning effect of Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, so they either have 2000+ ATK or can boost their ATK.

Finally, we have the 21st Structure Deck coming this October: Gates of the Underworld. This deck introduces new Dark World cards to the already existing Archetype, making them stronger than before. The boss card of the deck is Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, a Level 8 DARK Fiend-type with 2700 ATK and 1800 DEF. If he’s in your Graveyard, you can return a Dark World monster on your field to your hand to revive him, but that’s not all he can do. When he’s discarded by a card effect, he automatically destroys one card your opponent controls. But if that card effect was your opponent’s effect, you look at a random card in your opponent’s hand. If that card is a monster, you can summon it to your side of the field!

Next is Snoww, Unlight of Dark World, a Level 4 DARK Fiend-type with 1700 ATK and 0 DEF. When she’s discarded by a card effect, you can search for any card that has “Dark World” in its name, be it Monster, Spell, or Trap. But if your opponent’s card effect discards it, you get to summon a monster from your opponent’s Graveyard in Defense Position! So not only does this card act as a powered-up tutor card of the deck, it can also dip into your opponent’s Graveyard!

The final new monster in the deck is Celuri, Guru of Dark World, a card previously seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime. This Level 1 DARK Fiend-type has 100 ATK and 300 DEF and can summon itself to your opponent’s field when discarded by a card effect. And when summoned by an effect of a Dark World card, your opponent must discard a card from their hand. Here’s the trick, though. When summoned by his own effect, his other effect activates. However, the “opponent” mentioned in his text is actually you! So you’re then able to discard something like Grapha or Snoww or even Reign-Beaux and get they’re effects to activate!

The deck brings a new Field Spell to assist all Fiend-type monsters, whether they’re Dark World or not. The Gates of Dark World gives all Fiends a 300 ATK and DEF boost, but also allows you to banish a Fiend in your Graveyard, then discard a Fiend, THEN draw a new card once per turn! The discard is an effect, so Dark World monsters get to activate their effects! Beiige will summon himself, Broww will let you draw another card, Snoww will let you search for a card, etc. The combo potential with this one card is limitless.

Finally, a new Trap is brought into the Dark World Archetype: Dark Scheme. This allows both players to discard 2 cards in order to draw 2 cards. Again, the discard is an effect, so Dark World monsters will activate. However, your opponent can negate this card’s effect by discarding only 1 card. Either way, your opponent is losing a card in their hand minimum.

Finally, there’s the Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years coming out in October, which I already talked about in length here:

This Fall is shaping up to be one of the best in recent years. Until then, this is MystikX, signing out.